Children’s Museum of Sonoma County – FINALLY!!

My family is ecstatic because the highly-anticipated opening of the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County has finally arrived!

Jonah and I showed up at a city council meeting about 8 years ago in support of this venture, and have watched them grow and plan and organize over the years since then. This past weekend, they opened their doors to the public.

1835 W. Steele Lane, Santa Rosa

Opening day was a rainy one, so we went the following day, on Sunday. We were thrilled with the layout and are anxiously awaiting all that awaits us as they build and develop more over the coming months.

In the meantime, it was a beautiful, relaxed environment for kids to explore, and we wandered around taking it all in for quite a while.

LOTS of water play

there are ‘fish’ to catch and release!

hand-powered wing flapping!

More fun water

Giant foam building blocks!

Giant foam building blocks!

....and what I thought of as the peaceful zen pond

….and what I thought of as the peaceful zen pond

There was also an art room where kids built anything imaginable out of cardboard remnants, painted on the windows then squeegeed their creations away to make way for another, sat on pillows and read books, and watched friends outside as they adorned butterfly wings and trotted on the breezy hill, pretending to fly.

We paid $7 per person which was an absolute steal for an afternoon of fun. If we’d opted for the family pass that price would have been refunded, and the pass goes through 2015. For more information please do check them out, they are absolutely worth it.

You MUST go check this place out – it was lovely, creative and a much-needed asset for the children of Sonoma County. Can’t wait to see you there!