Letters to Santa!

Dear Santa Parents…

‘Tis the season for encouraging your little ones to write their letters to the big guy – Santa! Have no fear: Sprout is making it easy for you!

Bring in the kiddos any time between Friday, November 28th and Sunday, December 12th and we will provide them with some super fancy customized Sprouty Santa stationery, pens and whatnot, and a cool envelope – then, better yet, we’ll mail it for them!!

While your scribes are working away, feel free to look around! We’re happy to help you with a *wink wink please tuck this thing away and I’ll come pick it up when the kiddo isn’t with me* situation…. We love to help with surprises! Just hand over what you’d like, we’ll  ring you up for it and then tuck it in the back with your name on it – drop by and grab your goodies when it’s convenient!

See you soon at Sprout!

Christmas Owl