It’s the End of an Awesome Era!

sprout out

Hello Friends!
We have loved being a part of this community for the past 8 years immensely – watching your families grow has meant so much to us and we want to thank you for making us a part of that fun!
The time has come for a new chapter, and we’re sad to say that Sprout will be closing – but we are so happy that we got to be your family’s kid shop and will be able to say goodbye with the very sweetest of memories, so we thank you for that!
What This Means for You
We encourage you to come in and use your credit – the earlier the better as we will no longer be taking new inventory! The final day to use your credit will be November 10th.
During the month of October EVERYTHING in the store will be on sale, from 25% off and up. If you have store credit, this means you’ll get the additional percentage off of your already discounted purchases!
“What if I Can’t Use All of My Credit?”
You’ve got credit; we’ve got options!
You can gift some or all of your credit to a friend, neighbor, co-worker or stranger – as always, sharing is caring!
If you simply don’t think you can use your credit by November 10th, we will be happy to make a donation of merchandise in the amount of your credit to Catholic Charity Services. We will provide you with a tax-deductible donation receipt in the amount of your credit.
Please Note: We will not be cashing out accounts. If you are unable to use your credit by November 10th, please choose one of the options above, or simply call us and tell us to clear your account. Thank you for understanding.
“Will You be Selling EVERYTHING?”
Yep! While we expect that most of the inventory such as clothing, gear, books etc will be fairly cleared out by the end of October, we will also be selling all of our fixtures – shelving, racks, tables…all of that good stuff. These items will be sold first-come, first-served as they become available.
Have More Questions?
Feel free to call Amanda at 707-433-7355, or come on in to the store. We’d love to see you! Please note that using email may take longer to receive a response.
Check our Facebook page for updates on changes in hours, inventory updates and more! Most information will be on Facebook first so we highly recommend you look there!
Thank you again for being part of such a magical place – we couldn’t have done it without you!!