Spring Cleaning!



Happy Spring!!

We LOVE this time of year – more sunshine means more daytime, which means more PLAYtime! We’ve been busy pulling out all of the shorts and tees, the swimsuits and sundresses – so many fantastic things!

One thing about Spring we don’t love, however, is all of that¬†light and sunshine showing off all the DIRT! Aaaaaaah!

Have no fear, though – we are doing a huge Spring Clean to help get Sprout back to the¬†fresh and lively state we all love! Sure, there’s still Macy the cat to get her fur everywhere, but…baby steps ;)

In order to get this place spic n’ span, we will be closing early on Friday, May 15th. We’ll be here until 3pm to help you find whatever you might need, but then we’ll be closing up shop and rolling up our sleeves to tackle the dust bunnies like they’ve never been tackled before – hoorah!

We’ll be back in the shop and open for business on Saturday the 16th from 10 – 5:30, basking in our sparkly new glory.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Sprout!